Cosy Villages

Cosy Villages

We are very excited to announce that we are now able to provide land lease options for those customers who would love to buy a Cosy Home but do not yet have land to put it on.

We are in the process of setting up a new Cosy Village in the Avondale suburb of Christchurch. 

Cosy Villages provide small affordable sites to rent, suitable for 21 – 50 sqm Cosy Homes, and have been designed with your wellbeing in mind. Each unit has a site line of at least 10m and many have a much longer view. No windows look directly into another unit. 

With a private space all your own, and community gardens and spaces to gather, these villages surpass the spaces a traditional retirement village would offer a resident. Furthermore, you get to live here for a fraction of the price and retain your savings, and the building belongs to you to sell on or relocate whenever you wish.

Cosy Villages do not have an age requirement meaning all age groups can live together, grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and others. 


  • Affordable and comfortably sized sites
  • Have your own private outdoor space along with shared green spaces
  • Designed to provide longer and unobtrusive sight lines
  • Set up to give you more space than many retirement villages or mobile home sites
  • Your home is owned by you and you are free to sell in the future
  • No hidden financial ties
  • Live here for a fraction of the cost of getting into a retirement village
  • No age requirements, meaning all age groups are welcome

In the future we will also be offering house and land purchase options with similar benefits.


  • Around $180 per week to rent the site to put your Cosy Home on
  • A $1000 refundable deposit will put you on the list for one of these extraordinary opportunities
  • Conditions apply

Contact us to learn more.