Benefits of our Cosy Homes

Not all homes are created equal, so we have put years of research and testing into ensuring that every aspect of a Cosy Home is both smart and cost-effective.

Portable and earthquake safe

Cosy homes are both lightweight and built on a light, robust, steel chassis, resting on the ground via a series of strong, adjustable feet with vibration absorption. This means that in an earthquake vibrations are absorbed and the lightweight but rigid shell will remain undamaged despite being thrown around. If after the earthquake you find that the land has become uneven, the feet can be adjusted to re-level you. And in the absolute worst case if your land becomes red-zoned, or you simply want a change of scenery, you can easily pick up your undamaged house and take it somewhere else.

Well insulated

Meticulous care has gone into the design of Cosy Homes to ensure that the walls, ceiling, floor and windows are incredibly well insulated with no cold spots on walls (from thermal bridging), no condensation on window frames, and no cold draughts from condensation drains or passive ventilation. Passive heating and cooling have also been maximised to reduce your power costs even more.


Our one-bedroom Cosy Homes range in price from $112,000 to $140,000, while our two-bedroom homes range in price from $124,000 to $175,000. Our Cosy Homes come fully fitted out and ready to live in – all you need to take care of is furniture, whiteware, site prep and connection to services. We will organise transportation for you at cost.

If you sit down with us for a consultation we will take you through an interactive pricing catalogue that provides multiple choices for each feature, with the total price updated in real-time. This will give you unprecedented freedom to customise your home while keeping to your desired budget.

See our Pricing page for more information, or contact us to arrange an appointment.

Registered Master Builders Logo

Registered Master Builders

Cosy Homes are proud to be Registered Master Builders. This gives you the confidence that we have passed their rigorous checks, produce quality homes, and we are in it for the long haul. It also means we can offer the Master Build 10-year Guarantee which gives you further peace of mind and is a great help getting bank finance across the line.

Licensed Building Practitioners logo

Licensed Building Practitioners

Cosy Homes also employs Licensed Building Practitioners. To gain this qualification requires rigorous testing of both our builders and designers. This gives you confidence in the design and build of your Cosy Home and is also a requirement in obtaining building consents for the Council if needed.

Full support

We are able to help you with all aspects of the process of getting your home set up, including:

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.